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Complete Rejuvenation Therapy to boost immunity and prevent aging process. DHAKA AYURVEDA WELLNESS CENTER offers a unique rejuvenation program tailored to your body constitution. This program focuses on the restoring complete health of the body and mind and can be modified to suit one’s age, body condition as well as season.


Includes synchronized body massage, herbal steam bath & Shirodhara.


Integrated health package comprise of synchronized body massage, herbalsteam bath, Pizhichil and Shirodhara.


Designed to strengthen your immunity system, Assures ideal health 81 Longevity. This package helps to maintain equilibrium of “Three-Doshas” Starts with complete bodycheck—up includes synchronised body massage, herbal steam bath, Navarakizhi, Pizhichil& Shirodhara.

Ayurveda has everything to fulfill the healing expectations of the patients, and it has a tradition over thousands of years, where Rejuvenation Therapy or Rasayana Chikilsa is attentive for its ancestral value. The Body massage is a part of Rejuvenation Therapy and medicated oil and cream are the substances using for the same purpose. Rejuvenation Therapy is very effective and it reduces muscle damage and certain physical disorders. It completes only with Internal Rejuvenation Medicines and Medicated steam bath. For one course of Rejuvenation therapy needs a time span of 7 to 14 days and it ensures curing power and confidence. This therapy is especially meant for rejuvenate the mind, body and soul,to tone up the skin, and to strengthen all systems, so as to achieve health and longevity

Duration: 30 min


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